Want to fly aerobatics, fly with more confidence, fly a taildragger...then see what Red Eagle Academy has to offer and learn from the best!

Red Eagle Academy -  Where we teach advanced flight training that will enhance your

  • Skill Sets
  • Situational Awareness
  • Confidence

Whether you are aPrivate Pilot or ATP

While attending the Red Eagle Aerobatic Academy, you will receive instruction and training in Advanced Aerodynamics, Emergency Maneuver Training, Spin Avaoidance and Recovery using the PARE System, Basic Aerobatics, Advanced Physiology, Wake Turbulence Training, and Flight in Icing and in High Density Altitude Environments.

 Dan McClung of Red Eagle Air Sports conducts our training in a Pitts S2B High Performance Biplane.  He brings 40 plus years of professional flying experience in the Navy, Airlines, Corporate, and Air Show worlds.

Why Not Choose The Best?!?!?!?