Our Sponsors

Red Eagle Air Sports is proud to announce the 12th anniversary of our affiliation and sponsorship with PPG Aerospace, an award winning Aviation Company that is the aerospace products and services division of PPG Industries. They are the leading global producer, distributor and supplier of aerospace coatings, sealants, packaging and application systems and winshields. The Red Eagle Team is honored to represent all 7 Application Service Centers (ASC) across North and South America.

We are blessed to have as our sponsor liaison Janet Castens, the director of operations of the Atlanta ASC in Kennesaw, Georgia. Janet comes to the team with an extensive background in aerospace supply and services. You will often see Janet aka "Evrdy" at an air show smiling and working on the Eagles or greeting one of our guests. She is an integral part of the Red Eagle Team as she oversees and supervises all ASC air show events. She and her contemporaries at each ASC are completely responsible for all VIP coordination and functions at your air show.


Each ASC invites their guests and customers to the air show for a positive and memorable experience where they can relax with their family and enjoy the greatest outdoor spectacle in the world - your air show.

PPG Aerospace supports the Red Eagle Team by subsidizing our normal appearance fee. Depending on the market served, they may pay all or part of our fee based on their customer base for the market.

Red Eagle Air Sports and PPG Aerospace look forward to bringing our TEAM to your great event in 2009.

Without the support and service of our associate sponsors, the Red Eagle Team could not meet the demanding air show schedule we fly each year. We use and strongly endorse their products and services. If you have any questions regarding any of our sponsors, please feel free to contact the sponsor and tell them the Red Eagle Air Sports Team sent you.