The Talon Eagle

Over 29 years ago, a project was started at Christen Industries in Hollister, CA. The Eagle Aerobatic Team was flying the Christen Eagle I. The team wanted a faster roll rate and better snap/roll abilities. Off the drawing board came a new generation biplane-double-swept wings with larger ailerons. The project was abandoned in the early 80’s unfinished. The Red Eagle Team bought and finished the project and made the dream come true. Now, we call it the Talon Eagle. Can you say eye-popping, out-of-the-box performance? From its 360 hp Penn Yan engine, to its air grabbing MT propeller, to the awesome PPG Aerospace Desothane HS topcoat paint, the Talon represents innovative thinking and technological advances giving us the ultimate air show machine. The Red Eagle team is extremely proud to present the one and only – Talon Eagle.

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4K Resolution


Distinctive marking

Single seat canopy
Double swept wings

Feather pattern continuous across upper wing

White leading edges on lower wings

PPG Aerospace on bottom of lower wings


We spent more than five years building and modifying this beautiful red, white and black biplane – The Red Eagle II. Now, Red Eagle Air Sports is featuring an up-dated design – the Red Eagle. With a Penn Yan Aero 250 hp IO 360, air gripping MT Propeller and Holmes high performance wings, we have more power and lighter weight as we deliver a faster, higher energy show. During our typical air show performance, this streamlined aircraft is subjected to positive 7 G’s and negative 6 G’s (acceleration forces). Combined with our pilot skills, the planes clean lines, striking PPG Aerospace Desothane paint job and distinctive engine sound, make it a guaranteed crowd pleaser and a real asset to any entertainment line-up.

    Distinctive marking:
  • Double canopy
  • Broken eagle feathers across upper wing
  • Penn Yan Aero stickers on bottom wings