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“It is possible to fly without motors, not without knowledge and skill” Wilbur Wright c. 1908 I want to welcome you all to the Red Eagle Academy where your training and safety is our prime concern. Our goal is to produce safer, more confident and knowledgeable pilots no matter what skill level or rating you have attained. The ratings and license you have earned during your career in aviation...

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UPSET AND UNUSUAL ATTITUDE TRAINING The most important decision that a pilot-in-command can make is to always “FLY THE PLANE.” This may appear to be a seemingly  simple and requisite task but in light of our many LOC accidents one that is often disregarded.  With our EMT and Upset training course you will receive the knowledge and training you need to recognize several abnormal flight attitudes...


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“Knowledge is the Power that gives us Wings to Soar” author unknown With so many accidents involving pilot error attributed to loss of control (LOC) it has become increasingly evident that too many pilots-in-command are failing to recognize and avoid conditions and elements that lead to these accidents. One aspect of LOC is often stalling an aircraft inadvertently and possibly leading to a...

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